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Chapter Twelve: I Will Remember You/Finale

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It is important to remember. Remembrance walks beside us as an equal partner as we move forward in moral growth. We need to remember those people and events that have shaped humankind and continue to do so. The Holocaust is a declaration of the depth of human fallibility and moral frailty. Reason and rationalism can be deceiving, imposters of truth, as they were during the Holocaust. We must continuously build the moral fabric of our societies in the hope for informed peace. Peace is not a conclusion but a continuous journey that requires the traveler to be a thoughtful and compassionate navigator.


Female Soloist | Full Chorus | Children’s Chorus

I will remember you
And I will remember when
When God was still and love died
When man laughed and heaven cried

I’ve walked the fires of hell and
I’ve climbed the mountains of hate
When all was lost, still I Believe

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

When I saw ashes rain down
When the world said nothing, not a sound
When my life was a whisper, still I Believe

When we filled the trains
When they took our names
When we fed the flame, still We Believe

They said we’re to blame
And we’re not the same
Less than less they would say
And for this we must pay
While the world looked
Away, away, away, away.

I will remember you and
I will remember when

Look at me
Look and see
I’m like you, you’re like me
I hope I dream
I hurt I cry
I want to live
I want to fly

Look around
We’re much the same
What may be different
Is just in name
And I hope
And I pray
There’ll come a day when we will say

No more hate... fly away
No more fear... fly away
No more crying... fly away
No more fear... fly away

And I believe that day will come
I Believe that day will come

Hate no more... fly away
I have a name
Cry no more... fly away
I have a name
Fear no more... fly away

for I Believe
I Believe
I Believe