Excerpts & Lyrics

Chapter Two: Why?

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It is doubtful that we will ever understand the rabid and violent nature of extreme racism. Nonetheless, we pursue the dream of peace, for inherent in the pursuit is the hope for understanding and growth.


Female Chorus | Male Chorus
Female Soloist | Male Soloist
Male Soloist (Perpetrator) | Full Chorus

Why God, oh God why?
Why God, oh God why?
God Why?

Broken glass, broken doors,
broken chairs, broken rooms
Why God? Why?
Broken thoughts, broken word,
broken lives, broken world
Why God? Why?

I’m afraid

Broken days shattered nights broken time
We have no place to go
Broken homes shattered dreams hateful lies
What will we do?
Where to run? where to go?
They took my father and our home
There will be one less me one less you
And why?
Burned our books, burned our faith
Burned our word
Do they look at me that way
Call us names we’re to blame for their pain
What do they see?
In their mind we’re not their kind
For whose sins do we pay?

We Pay!

We must hide, we must run,
they beat us just for fun
Their hate’s long their hate’s deep
and now it marches in the street
Tonight they smash and riot
while others watch stay quiet
Worst of all it’s now the law to look...
down... on... us...

I’m afraid
They took us to a place
I won’t see another day
Where evil shows its face
Their hate reigns down
To those they say
As they throw me to the ground
Are from a filthy race
And they laugh
They told us we should tell
As they strike the final blow
That we were treated well
Today I live
If not they’ll know
They decide to let me go
Leave now, now go!
‘Cause I’m the lucky one

Get Out, Get Out, Get Out, Get Out!
Get out, Out of here....
Get, Out, Get Out, Get Out
Get out, Out of here!
Before you leave you need to sign right here
What once was yours is now what’s mine
Why God Oh God

You’re the reason
don’t look back say nothing
You’re the cause
Move forward Keep your head down
Broken beds, broken nights,
broken dreams, broken eyes,
The time is right
Where to go We don’t know
broken walls, broken stairs,
broken chairs, broken sky,
to change our laws
We’ve got to find a new home
I’m afraid, afraid I have no place to go
broken kin, broken house,
broken boys, broken girls,
You’ll have nothing
If we don’t leave we’ll soon be
broken laws, broken thoughts,
broken truth, broken world,
Nothing you’ll be
another ledger entry
Why this crazy madness
broken old, broken new,
broken me, broken you
Time for you to leave
Let’s make haste and leave this place behind


Where to go
Someone somewhere please
Find a home
help my family
Can’t delay
Time is running out
Or we’ll pay
Let there be no doubt
We’ll pay
In heaps of hate we’ll lay

Why God oh God why?
Oh Why God oh God Why?
Do you stay still or hide
When men laugh as people die
God Why?