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Chapter Six: The Directive

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On January 20, 1942, fifteen high-ranking senior officials gathered for a meeting of great importance. They met in a beautiful villa by a lake named Wannsee in the outskirts of Berlin. In this idyllic setting they discussed the “Final Solution” to the Jewish question; a plan of action to deport, enslave labor and annihilate a people. The meeting was designed to consolidate and coordinate the plan from a state sanctioned level. Among those present were: Secretary of State Dr. Stuckart - Reich Ministry for the Interior, Secretary of State Neumann - Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan, Secretary of State Dr. Freisler - Reich Ministry of Justice, Secretary of State Dr. Bühler - Office of the Government General. Reinhard Heydrich, second in command of the SS convened the meeting.

The Directive

Women’s Chorus | Men’s Ensemble
Full Chorus | Male Soloist (Perpetrator)

As you see to-date the work that has begun
But now we plan and talk about what must be
To act as one
We need to clarify and coordinate,
How you
How we
Will kill,
Will kill,
Eleven million
People who have lived among us far too long
Time to rid us of the filth, the stench is strong
We’ll work the able bodied till they drop and die
And evacuate, exterminate, annihilate every
single one

We all agree
I’ll now proceed

Selection rules for whom we choose
A protocol for dealing death
Kill them all (Totet sie alle!)

Hold fast, this won’t last
We’ll soon be home
And, we will laugh again
So lean on me my tired child
And close your eyes
Fly away
Fly away
Time to dream
Time to play and
I Believe the end will soon be here
Be here

Whether they believe or believe they not
It doesn’t really matter if they pray or not
It’s racial principles that I emphasize
this plague
this plague
and sanitize
Let’s gather this disease
Pack them in endless trains
Dozens deep no room for sleep
No hope to gain
And on this train
What mother, daughter, father, son
I give to you
The legal rules
By which you’ll choose
Ev’ry single one

A Final
There is no
Annihilate and

Hold fast this won’t last
Time to adjourn this meeting gentlemen
We’ll soon be home
Time for us to begin
And We will laugh again
but before you leave
please drink and eat
So lean on me my tired child
soon we’ll begin the task
we’ll cleanse our land at last
and close your eyes
but now we raise our glass
Make your lists
Fly away
I assure you this
Fly away
we’ll soon be free
Fly away
of this vile disease
Fly away

and I Believe
The end will soon be here